domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Walls are tired

         The lonely vintage girl sits on the black and white floor on the corner of her kitchen and starts thinking, she's sad but doesn't matter she no longer trust in humans. Why people always betrays her? Why she gives everything about herself to help her friends and community even though sometimes she doesn't know them and then they doesn't seem to care about her? Disappointment every time, everywhere. So hurt, so sad, happiness come and get her! Pick her from the floor and take her to the sky, flying far away from pain.
          Walls are tired of listening your crying girl, try using the bathroom ones. Try listening to your strange music from your colorful iPod and if it makes you feel worst, then turn it off, but first try. You know what Oasis says 'Stop crying your heart out'. I came all across the corridor 'cause I heard you from my department. I don't hate to be your neighbor, you know I don't, but it's hard to console you when someone breaks your tiny and fragile heart when we both know I could cure it and love it for the rest of our special lives.
          Don't throw away inanimate things, they are not guilty of the mistakes of living ones, they don't deserve to be broken you'll regret it later. Poor porcelain duck, goodbye forever. Stop crying please.
Your skirt is splashed with chocolate milk, go and wash it, we can go together. STOP CRYING I SAID!
          Ok, I didn't mean to be that rude, but is because I don't know what to do when people cries, I feel sorry but can't fix it, can I? No, i think I can't. Once you told me that 'only the ones that break a heart are available to repair it the right way'.
          Come here, stand up. Take me a picture with your big big camera, the ones that you know how to take, with that mystical magic and eccentric and tender colors.
          Let's make a cup of coffee so we can talk about what you're thinking know... You don't want to? Ok I understand but, are you sure? 'At least this time, yes'.

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